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You can sign up to view your UPS invoices in a variety of forms through The UPS Billing Center, a safe web-based invoice presentation and payment program (online, PDF, CSV, and XML),

Online payment options include generating reports and disputing charges.

Available for:

• UPS Small Package
• UPS Freight
• UPS Supply Chain Solutions
(air freight and UPS Mail Innovations)

UPS Billing Center

Accessing the UPS Billing Center

Select View and Pay Bill from the My Profile menu, then UPS Billing Center from the Tools and Resources menu, and from the home page, to access the UPS Billing Center.


To enroll each account in the UPS Billing Center, you must finish Account Invoice Authentication (AIA), which verifies that you currently have access to invoice data.

The AIA procedure can be used to enroll individual accounts and Consolidated Payment Plans (CPPs).
In order to successfully authenticate your UPS account, you must additionally supply the following details from one of your most recent three Delivery Service Invoices or an International Package Service Invoice created within the previous 45 days

  • Control ID
  • Invoice Number
  • Amount Due This Period
  • Invoice Date

A plan summary invoice must contain AIA information in order to enroll in a CPP.


You can access a summary of your invoice by choosing Billing. Every screen in the UPS Billing Center has a feature tab for the UPS Billing Center on the service menu.

You can choose one of these tabs to access a variety of features and functionalities.

On the Overview page, you can view and/or pick the following important components:

The option to choose from UPS Mail Innovations, UPS Small Package, UPS Freight, and UPS Supply Chain Solutions (air freight).

Note: This button must always be chosen in order to access package information, and vice versa for ground and air freight.

Setup Automatic Payments

Current Balance (amount due) by mode of transportation and nation for the entire Company (the total of all accounts that are chosen under the Company)

• Accounts with Automatic Payments enabled
• The Pay Now button will open the Payments section.


You may access Invoice Summary and Invoice Detail information, as well as online, PDF, CSV, and XML formats of their invoices, under the Invoice tab. Charges may also be contested.

Detailed and summarised invoices When you choose Company Summary, the following invoice status information appears on the Invoice tab.

  • Open/past due
  • returned payment
  • past due
  • paid
  • pending payment
  • overpayment or adjustment
  • open
  • closed
  • underpayment or adjustment

To access precise details for domestic/export and import invoices, enter the following search criteria: Account Type, Invoice Type, Date, Account Number, Status of Invoice, and Number of Invoices

To obtain comprehensive invoice details, you must first choose an invoice number. Billing history

You can retrieve up to 52 weeks’ worth of the previous PDF invoicing using the Billing Center’s Archive History tool. You can also download several invoices at once into a single aggregated file.


You can set up and/or arrange payment for an invoice using the Payment tab. Users must be given the ability to pay invoices by the company administrator.

A Payment Account can only be created by an Administrator. Four payment components are available:

• Single Payments
• Electronic payments
• Transaction Activity
• Accounts for payments

Checking Accounts

At least one Payment Account must be created before electronic payments can be started in the UPS

Billing Center.

You can view, amend, or delete existing accounts as well as add new payment accounts.

To create a payment account, choose Add Bank Account from the Payment Accounts option in the UPS Billing Center’s Payment section.

(For accounts that have already been created, choose Edit to change account details or Delete to delete an account.)

Please call 855-350-2447 to complete the updating process if you have updated your credit card information or if you are having problems amending your credit card information.

Billing and Payment Schedules

You have a lot of choices with UPS for handling your invoicing. Contact your UPS Representative or click the link below for more information or to sign up for these alternatives.

Billed Weekly/Pay Weekly: Get an invoice every week, and make payments every week. Payment methods include checks, debit or credit cards, electronic funds transfers, and payment cards.

Receive a weekly invoice but only make a payment once per month under this billing arrangement.

UPS will need a down payment equivalent to the average shipping costs for the previous four weeks. Either a check or an electronic funds transfer can be used for payment.

Monthly Billing and Payment: You will be sent an invoice each month, which you must pay. UPS will need a down payment equivalent to the average shipping costs for the previous four weeks.

Your annual shipping expenses may be subject to a credit extension fee, which can be used to avoid prepayment; this fee is subject to vary each year.

Either a check or an electronic funds transfer can be used for payment. Customers whose typical weekly shipping costs do not exceed $200 USD may choose this service.


The UPS Billing Center offers six Standard Reports. Reports that offer information on shipping costs can be made. Reports can also be used to assess, distribute, and reconcile charges more efficiently.

The following reports are available for domestic/export and import invoices, and you can create and download them:

  • Reference Number Detail
  • Tracking Number Detail
  • Address Correction Detail
  • Approved Reference Number Detail
  • Invoice Summary

By choosing the Reporting tab and then choosing the required report from the list of pre-built reports, you may also build reports.

The Search Criteria screen will appear after the report has been chosen.

A date range must be entered, after which you can choose one or more Account Numbers. Additional criteria can be chosen using drop-down options. Select Search next.


If your role is Administrator, you have access to the Administration tab. Users, accounts, user profiles, and e-mail notifications can all be added to and managed by administrators.

You are not given the Administration position, you have access to the Profile tab, where you can control your email notifications.

Supervisory overview
Three tabs can be found under Administration:
Manage Users and the Company

Notification Organization

There are four tabs listed under Company:

Update Invoice Formats • Add Accounts

Manage Payments and Enrollment

The UPS Billing Centre Video



Domestic/Import billing questions:

If you have questions about your bill, you can call the
Domestic or Import Billing Customer Support Number.
– Domestic Invoice: 1-800-811-1648
– Import Invoice: 1-866-493-7140

• Credit Card Declines & Updates

If your credit card has been declined or needs to be
updated, you may call 1-855-350-2447
(Monday – Friday 7 am-4 pm EST)

Technical support:

If you have technical questions, you may call

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